Refer and Earn Paytm Cash – Earn 20rs / Refer- Loot Offer

New Paytm Refer n Earn Offer[2018]. this is new Paytm refer n earn offer.Under which You can earn upto 20rs Paytm Cash on Every refer n earn paytm.This refer n earn Offer is Officially launched by paytm for every new/old user so if you are an old  user of paytm then dont worry because this refer n earn paytm offer is for everyone.

Before some days paytm has officially launched some most good offer for UPI users and finally this is an promotional offer by paytm because paytm has to promote their UPi Business  so that it can reached to more people.

So without any further delay come to Refer n earn paytm Offer:-

1:) This is an Official paytm Offer so you have to download the paytm app from play store.

2:)Now for this Paytm refer n earn offer you should complete signup process and add your bank account with paytm and complete KYC.

3:) Now Click on Upi and add your bank account and create an Upi address and send Your First amount of 20rs

To another Upi.

4:)Now you are eligible for Refer n earn Offer.

5:) simply click on Bhim Upi then Bank transfer and Here You See an Offer at top Refer 5friends and get 100rs.Click On That. and click on Invite Button. Now send an Invite link to your friend.

6:) And When Your friend create an new upi address and do First transaction of 50rs .Then You Got 20rs as a referral Bonus.

This is The way that you got 20rs as a referral bonus in paytm .This is paytm Refer n earn Offer Under you can earn 10000rs In paytm wallet.

Now I tell you Some short terms and cond For Paytm refer n earn Offer.

  • Refer 5 friends and you get ₹100 after they complete their 1st Money Transfer on Paytm using BHIM UPI. You can earn upto ₹10,000.
  • Each friend gets ₹20 after they complete 1st Money Transfer of ₹50 or more on Paytm using BHIM UPI.
  • Referee(person who gets the invite) will be eligible for cashback if all of the below conditions are met-
    a. Referee shouldn’t be on Paytm UPI before clicking on invite link
    b. Referee should click on shared invite and link their bank account on Paytm
    c. Referee should link any of their non-Paytm payment bank account to Paytm
    d. Referee should complete a Money Transfer of ₹50 or more
  • Referee gets ₹20 cashback within 7 days after they are eligible for cashback
  • Referrer (person who sends the invite) will be eligible for cashback if all of the below conditions are met-
    a. Referrer should have linked their bank account and completed a Money Transfer of any amount before sending invite
    b. 5 of the invites are successful i.e. completed all conditions in point #3
  • Referrer gets ₹100 after every 5 of their invites are successful. No cashback if less than 5 invites are successful.
  • If a person is referred by multiple Paytm users, referral will be linked to the Paytm user whose shared link was clicked by the referee before signing up from Paytm BHIM UPI.
  • If a person was referred by multiple Paytm users and more than one referral link was clicked, referral will be attributed to the link which was clicked first.
  • Cashback won’t be processed if you have not completed your KYC. Ignore if KYC already done.
  • In cases where Paytm is not able to credit cashback because wallet is not created, Goldback will be credited for the same amount. Goldback is a cashback where instead of Paytm cash in your wallet, digital gold is given. Refer detailed terms here.
  • Paytm reserves its sole right to change offer terms or stop the offer without any prior notice to customers.
  • This offer is valid on Paytm Android version 7.2.0 & above and iOS version 7.2.1 and above.

Enjoy !!

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