Now You make a movie download website and now you searching for how to make money with movie website then it is great place for you. We Here discuss unique 10ways for how to make money with movie website.There are a lot of ways to make money with movie website because a lot of websites provides their pop adds and interstitial adds for using in our website.

If you are not made any website yet.kindly visit My another post,where we detailed explain How to make a movie website:-

How to make a Movie Downloading Website For free↑

Why we Don’t Use Google Adsense :-

If you are now thinking why we does not use google Adsense for add purpose. So we clear your this doubt,Google adsense terms and conditions says that they want a fresh non-copyright content on their website. and we make a movie downloading website which contain something like copyright material such material that we have no right to share.

So In Movie downloading website we does’t use Google Adsense or and other add provider adds.That is warning for You that If You are using Google Adsense or adds on Your Movie downloading website,this may cause Your add provider Suspend your account.

how to make money with movie website:-

There are a lot of ways that how to make money with movie website. so we discus one by one all:-

• Pop and Interstitial adds .

• By Link shorting .

• Affiliate Marketing.

• By Promoting Your Products .

• Making backlink for Your Original website.

• Get paid for the review on your site.

• Using Refer n earn Method.

Now we detailed discuss about all of these methods. How to apply that to make money with movie website. So that you can generate maximum Income and Use traffic of your movie website efficiently.

» Pop and Interstitial adds:-

Some people asks that tell me most efficient method how to make money with movie website, So pop and interstitial adds are super efficient method. We use some add networks to implement pop adds on blog.Like

· Adfly.

· Propeller ads.

· Popads .

·  Revenuhits .

These are Some best pop ads network provide pop ads on your website/Blog.

 >Terms remember Before Using Pop Ads:-

Some terms and conditions your should remember before using pop adds pop website/ Blog.

1:) Terms and Usage For adds On Your Blog/Website :

( Some add network have detailed terms and usages mentioned in their Official Website . You should remember to read them Before using their ads on your website/blog.)

2:) Minimum Payout rate :

(You Should definitely Make sure what is the minimum payout provide by company whose pop ads you are using for your website/Blog. All these details are mentioned on their official website.)

3:) Checking Payment Method For Payout:

(Don’t forget to Checkout Payment method Paying your money to you.remember to checkout that payment method that are providing by website is appropriate for you or not. All details are given on The official website page.)

4:) Customer Review Of website:

(You can use google to checkout other people review about the pop ads website that you are using before those ads network.)

How to Implement Pop adds in website and How to make money with movie website:

Here We take the example of pop ads to implement in Our blog/website.

1:) Goto↑  and complete signup Process.Here You have to complete Email verification so do that.

2:) Here Login and Come to dashboard.Here You Find Tools Option click On that and Click Full Page Script.

Click On Full Page Script
How to make money with movie website,How to monetize movie website,how to earn money with movie website
Copy That Script








3:) After copying all The script Login To and Goto Theme section of your blog. Here Click On edit Html Option .

How to make money with movie website,How to monetize movie website,how to earn money with movie website
Click on Edit Html

4:) Here before </head> section simply paste that code and click on save theme.

How to make money with movie website,How to monetize movie website,how to earn money with movie website
Paste before section and save





5:) Now simply Refresh your Blog and You adds are properly set In Your Blog. and You can start earning Money from your blog.

This is The method that How to make money with movie website .

» Affiliate Marketing:-

You Can start affiliate marketing on your movie website. You can post Your affiliate link and start earning from affiliate website.There are variety of Online product selling website which can offer affiliate program. Like (amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal,Banggood,Aliexpress),These are the shopping sites where you can join their affiliate program and search an specific product as Movie category and Post on Your movie website.

People come to watch and download movie on your movie website and  when they seen the ads then they go to product page after clicking your affiliate link and when they buying your product you can earn some specific commission  that is specified on that product by Company/Owner. So affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from movie website.

»By Link shorting :-

People asking for How to make money with movie website so link shorting is great method to make money with movie website.many sites offer you to make a shorten link and promote those on your blog/website and they will You can a very high margin from link shorting like 1000views =5$.This amount is differ as country wise. So here Now we discuss how to make link shorten and start making money with movie website.

There are lots of website which offer Link Shorting .Some of them are listed below:-







You Can use any of them for link shorting and start posting on Your website .

Now I tell you one method for using url shortner:-

Here we take an example of Linkrex,.net other website also have same process.

1:) First Go to ↑ and complete Signup Process. and Login To Dashboard.

2:) Now Here Click On New shorten Link and Short any Url like ( Google,Your Facebook page/Profile, Your another website, any).

3:) Now on movie website create Options Like ↓ .

Download from Server 1

Download from Server 2

Download from Server 3

Download from Server 4

When People click On That link They redirect to your shorten link and You got earning from that click.

This is also way that How to make money with movie website.

»By Promoting Your Products:-

When people are simple asking that How to make money from movie website then They don’t Know that Promoting your products digitally from any Online Platform make them rich because at the last Their Products is promoting and The ranking in google of that product is becoming Higher. So they can a lot of profit from that products.

If you have any of your online store like flipkart and amazon then redirect the whole movie downloading traffic on your site and when people purchase goods from your store then you earn a high margin from these all.

So This is Quite better way to promote your products via movie downloading website.You can also use shorten website link to short your product link and when people are clicking on your shorten link then they redirect to your online store.#

This Is also great way to make money with movie website.

» Making backlink for Your Original website:-

Now the time Backlinks are most important things for any website to rank in google and other search engine . So if you have daily traffic of 10000+ on any of your Blog/website then you can create backlinks to your original website so that when google crawlers are visiting your movie sites then they got your site link and this is a quite quality backlink for your website.

›Here I want to Explain some terms about Backlinks:

Do Follow backlink:-

In simple way,Do follow is that when google crawlers are landing on your site then if they found do follow backlinks then they also goto site that’s link- You are provide there. So By making do follow link You can make a quality backlink and grow your website/Blog

So, to create a normal, do follow link, do this:

No Follow Link:-

In simple way,No follow is that when google crawlers are landing on your site then if they found No follow backlinks then they Don’t goto site that’s link- You are provide there. So By making no follow link You can promote your website and blog with the audience that visit your page.

To create a nofollow link, do this:


»Get Paid for the review on your site:-

If you made this website some time before and you have a lot of traffic on your site then you have to Get paid for review of others products on your website and start earning.You can also give your add on fiver and other freelancer websites and Take money to review their products on your website.

its the way that How to make money with movie website.

You can earn upto 50$ for an single review of products on your website.But This method only works if your website have Minimum 20k+ visitors per day.

»Refer n earn Program :-

When people are asking that How to make money with movie website then they completely forgot that this is a unique method to make money with movie website/Blog that is refer n earn.

You Got a lot of apps in play store and a lot of website On Google that offer a refer n earn program.You can simply Join Their Refer Program and start posting adds on your blog. When people visit your blog then they watch your add and probably they click on that and install on their phone.

Refer n earn is very Cool way to make money with movie website because if you have limited visitors on your website then you also run this add and start earning from below.

So I Hope You all guys love this post because here i specify all the method which are used To earn money with movie website.

If You searching How to make money with movie website from long time then this post satisfies you completely.There are Unique and genuine methods that makes you rich.

So dont Forget to comment out if you have any problem related to post and applying methods. and also Share with your friends.


-Techy Money

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